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We want to hear your stories- all of them. This includes your successes, your failures, your experience getting care or the barriers you are facing along the way. How has mental health stigma affected you and your loved ones? What have you always wanted people to understand? How do you think your culture/religion/ethnicity has influenced your experience? What does life with mental illness really look like?

Tell us a story. Write us a poem. Tell a joke. Send us a photo or show us your art.

The story of your experience with mental illness is a powerful weapon in the fight against stigma. Your story can open eyes, ears, and hearts, breaking down barriers and opening conversations about mental health.

Please note, we are not counselors and cannot respond to mental health needs or give therapy or advice. If you need emergency help, please call 911 or visit your local emergency department for assistance.


  • Every story is reviewed, but not all stories will be posted.

  • Stories with inappropriate or offensive language may not be posted.

  • Do not share or advertise personal blogs, websites, books or other works.

  • Do not post personal information such as phone numbers, emails or addresses.

We reserve the right to make slight edits to each story which may include adding or removing information to ensure that it is within our criteria e.g., removing personal information.

If you choose to, you can include a name with your story. Please note that last names will be replaced with an initial.
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Are you comfortable with us sharing your story online? If not we're still happy to read them, but we will not share them without your permission.